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We are specialized in the main SUP disciplines like Flat Water, Surfing, Race and White Water and we offer courses all year round for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants.  All the instructors have much experience and they are all certified by FISW Surfing (Federazione Italiana Sci Nautico e Wakeboard) and ISA (International Surfing Association).

Every discipline needs specific kinds of materials and specific competences. For this reason, every course includes a part of theory (in which we will discuss about SUP equipment, venue analysis, safety in water and some basic notions of meteorology) and a part of practice (in which we will go in the water and put our skills on practice).

For beginners we offer a Basic Course consisting of two or five lessons (one hour and half each) for 1-5 people. We can also organize single lessons with a private instructor or personalized programs.

To take part to our courses is necessary to join our association. Insurance included. Medical certificate of good health required.

Come and join with us!

Private lesson: 90 mins – 60 euro – all levels



2 lessons 1.5 hrs + 1 lesson 1 hrs – (FLORENCE): 80 EURO

Have you ever tried to float with a SUP in the flat water? You will feel a sense of well-being and peacefulness with all the benefits of the nature around you. On the other hand is a perfect training for your body: improve your balance and coordination and tone up your muscles.

All lessons includes: equipment, insurance


2 lessons 1.5 hrs, 1 lesson 1 hrs (TIRRENIA): 80 EURO

Ride a wave is one of the best feeling ever! Image to paddle in the sea, improve your balance, wait for the right wave and take it. It will give you much fun and an incredible sense of freedom. Do not be scared to fall and fall again… who never fall never live life to the full.

All lessons includes: equipment, insurance


1 session, videoanalysis (FLORENCE or VIAREGGIO): 150 EURO

This discipline required a good technique of paddling, mind concentration, hard work out and a little bit of competition; but once you take the rhythm, you will never stop to paddle. You will try the beautiful sensation to slide on the water so fast and light with a 12.6 or 14 ft full carbon board.

All lessons includes: equipment, insurance


3 session 4 hrs each, 2hrs theory 10 hrs practical (RIVER LIMA, ARNO, SERCHIO or SIEVE): 250 EURO

Adventure and pure adrenaline into the wild are the keywords. Follow the current of the river and keep the board underfoot will be your goal. We will teach you how to read a river and the basic notions of water rescue technique to enjoy the white water in total safety.

All lessons includes: equipment, insurance

Personalize your experience

We regularly organize excursions, camps, expeditions and trips (see our activity schedule) to the sea or in lakes and rivers of Tuscany or other areas of Italy with a wide selection of beautiful destinations and itineraries for groups of all levels, from beginners to advanced. All the activities can be customized to fit your schedule, group size and confidence level.

Contact us, we are happy to organize an amazing special activity for you for some hours, a fully day, or an incredible multiday river or sea adventure.

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