Our best feature in Florence is our Florence SUP Crossing, a 6 hours excursion to enjoy Florence paddling in the river from south to north at slow pace, with some break to taste good wine and food in nice places on the way, and a tuscan lunch at the end of the activity. A relaxed cruise along the river crossing Florence from south to north on the Arno, you will discover past and present of a  river strongly tied to the history of Florence: it has been source of employment as well as entertainment venue during festivals or sporting events. In the past times it has been transit route between the sea and the Apennines bringing wood  for constructions.

    What To Bring:

  • Swimming gear

  • Sunscreen

  • Dry clothes

  • Towel

  What’s Included:

  • Use of top-class gear

  • Board, paddle, lifejacket, leash

  • ​Professional SUP coach

  • Drinking water and snacks

  • Lunch

  • Insurance

  • Dry bag

Moving from the meeting point at Camping in Town you will discover all the city in half a day, visiting places accessible only by the river like ancient water mills, rural buildings and old villas paddling downstream to Florence downtown. This real adventure in the Arno will show you an area of great historic and natural significance, living from a unique perspective the wildlife and the beauty of river entering in town, crossing parks and green areas until getting to the city center with the view of his beautiful skyline, Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi's, Ponte Santa Trinita, monuments and old buildings, to end the tour in the Oltrarno the bohemian neighborhood of San Frediano, one of the 10 coolest neighborhoods in the world, in the hearth of Florence with a typical lunch in the garden of an historic tower part of the ancient walls of Florence. The activity includes lunch and pick up to the starting point at the end of the excursion.

Prices per person: private tour 250 euro , up to 4 persons, 169 euro+ 4 persons, 149 euro 

ALL ACTIVITIES CAN BE CUSTOMIZED to fit your schedule, group size, and confidence level. All tours and excursions are fair-weather and water only. We will not take you into rainy, windy, choppy, or otherwise sketchy weather or water conditions. Participants must be able to swim, wear a sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from sun. The activities will be organized according to the level and ability of the participants, in order to find the climatic and environmental conditions that will ensure safe fun and encourage learning easy and fast and the progress in a manner commensurate with the preparation of the participants, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents and effects detrimental to the health of the participants.  

Meeting Point:


Camping in Town

Viale Generale Dalla Chiesa, Firenze

About Toscanasup.org: 

Toscanasup is a SUP organization based in Florence, we operate since 2012 in the whole region in sea, rivers, lakes, in waves, flat waters and wildwaters. Toscanasup is a SUP school registered to the ISA (International Surfing Association).


INFO@TOSCANASUP.ORG  +393334468648

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About our staff:

Toscanasup.org  makes use of skilled professionals with multidisciplinary skills also to ensure the safe practice of SUP. All our guides are professional SUP coaches with lifeguard and sup coach license.