A fantastic outdoor activity in the beautiful Garfagnana valley, exploring hidden canyons, paddling under the old Devil's Bridge famous worldwide. The rivers Serchio and Lima in Garfagnana, just few kilometers from Pisa and Lucca will give you an unusual perspective of Tuscany, and our expert instructors will guide you to hidden areas that only few had the opportunity to discover 

    What To Bring:

  • Swimming gear

  • Sunscreen

  • Dry clothes

  • Towel

  What’s Included:

  • Use of top-class gear,

  • Lifejacket, leash

  • ​Professional SUP coach

  • Drinking water and snacks

  • Insurance

  • Dry bag

On the way to Garfagnana ar Abetone, Devil's Bridge is the perfect place where have a break and discover the area. The bridge at Borgo a Mozzano, called "The Devil's Bridge" or the "Maddalena Bridge" is certainly the most beautiful bridge in the province of Lucca, and one of the most suggestive in Italy. Devil's words were “The first soul who crosses the bridge will be mine”...many legends were born from its myterious construction and its singular design, with one large arch flanked by three smaller ones, inspired the works of many artists . 

When you see it from the road you will notice the different shape of this bridge with its asymmetrical arches but the impressive thing is walking through it. People come to the Garfagnana valley for the natural beauty. The rivers Serchio and Lima offers the perfect spots for everyone, beginners and expert paddlers, for relaxed cruising on the river Sechio or for more adrenalinic river runs in the river Lima.

Prices per person: private tour 119 euro, 2 up to 4 persons 69 euro each,  + 4 persons 59 euro each

ALL ACTIVITIES CAN BE CUSTOMIZED to fit your schedule, group size, and confidence level. We operate in the whole region in rivers, lakes and coastal areas.  All tours and excursions are fair-weather and water only. We will not take you into rainy, windy, choppy, or otherwise sketchy weather or water conditions. Our SUP tours are an easy, exciting and rewarding activity for everyone on your vacation! We provide equipment (inflatable boards and wetsuit, instruction and guidance to show you the beauty of Tuscany like you’ve never seen it before -- from the unique perspective only stand up paddling can bring. Participants must be able to swim, wear a sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from sun. The activities will be organized according to the level and ability of the participants, in order to find the climatic and environmental conditions that will ensure safe fun and encourage learning easy and fast. 

Meeting Point: 

Ponte del Diavolo,

Via del Brennero    


Toscanasup is a SUP organization based in Florence, we operate since 2012 in the whole region in sea, rivers, lakes, in waves, flat waters and wildwaters. Toscanasup is a SUP school registered to the ISA (International Surfing Association).


INFO@TOSCANASUP.ORG  +393334468648

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About our staff:  makes use of skilled professionals with multidisciplinary skills also to ensure the safe practice of SUP. All our guides are professional SUP coaches with lifeguard and sup coach license.