Explore the Cinque Terre natural park by the sea, enjoy from a unique perspective some of the best views 5 terre has to offer, discover hidden beaches and clear waters out of crowds. a paradise of crystal water, vineyards clinging to cliff sides, a natural shower with sweet water  in a secret spot, visit the fishing villages, taste local food! 


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  • Activity: Cruising

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

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  • English/French/Spanish guide



The Italian Riviera is not short of rugged coastline or romantic towns and villages, but the five fishing communities of the Cinque Terre are its most iconic highlight. The five villages are no longer the isolated hamlets they once were, but there’s still a feeling of remote authenticity, with few roads, perfectly preserved architecture and a network of stunning coastal views.

Riomaggiore is the first stop on many Cinque Terre visits. Peeling buildings line up down a steep ravine to a tiny harbour. Their pastel glow at sunset, best appreciated from the sea, is one of the Cinque Terre’s most romantic sights. A botanical garden and bird watching centre sits on a rocky promontory up the hill from its pebbly beach.

The grapevines that surround Manarola produce the Cinque Terre wine, Sciacchetrà. The bustling main street and waterfront promenade are still lined with fishing boats and other such reminders of everyday village life. Punta Bonfiglio, a short uphill hike, has fabulous views and a playground with a bar (or a bar with a playground, depending on your priorities).


Sitting atop a 100m-high rocky promontory surrounded by vineyards, Corniglia is the only village that lacks direct access to the sea, although steep steps wind from a rocky cove and its waterfront train station far below. Its tranquil, tangled streets lead to a broad and breezy sea-facing terrace, the only vantage point from where you can clock (and photograph) all five villages at once.


Vernazza’s small harbour has long been its raison d’etre, but it is Piazza Marconi with its sea-facing amphitheatre of pastel houses that brings on the sighs. The village’s trademark caruggi (narrow lanes) rise almost vertically from here, a maze of stairs and tiny terraces, with big blue sea views popping at every turn.


Monterosso is the only village that has a proper strip of beach, which in summer fills with sun loungers and Italians working on their tans. Known for its lemon trees and plump anchovies served right off the boat, it’s the furthest north of the villages.

Tucked away in a particularly mountainous kink of the Italian Riviera, the Cinque Terre villages were shaped by their profound isolation. Today the villages’ exquisite ruggedness still presents a few challenges for accessibility.

Although all the villages can be reached by car, you’ll need nerves of steel for the narrow, twisting cliff-edge roads and deep pockets to pay for parking. If you’re travelling with a car, leaving it in nearby La Speziais a smart move – there are secure parking facilities at the train station.

The Cinque Terre is a destination with timeless appeal, and it’s impossible to do it justice in a day trip. It really is the kind of place that rewards taking it slow, whether you’re kicking back at a waterfront table in Vernazza, glass of wine in hand, or listening to birdsong and resting your weary legs at an ancient sanctuary on a clifftop high above.

Allowing three to four days will give you enough time to visit all five villages, get to know the intricate twists and turns of at least one village centre, and enjoy a couple of half-day hikes. If time is tight, even a single overnight stay will expose you to the villages’ gentler rhythms at dawn, dusk and midnight.


    What To Bring:

  • Swimming gear

  • Regular luggage for a 3 days trip

  What’s Included:

  • Use of top-class gear,

  • Lifejacket, leash

  • ​Professional SUP coach

        Prices per person:

  • B&B - 549 euro

  • Hotel - 899 euro

ALL ACTIVITIES CAN BE CUSTOMIZED to fit your schedule, group size, and confidence level. We operate in the whole region in rivers, lakes and coastal areas.  All tours and excursions are fair-weather and water only. We will not take you into rainy, windy, choppy, or otherwise sketchy weather or water conditions. Our SUP tours are an easy, exciting and rewarding activity for everyone on your vacation! We provide equipment (inflatable boards and wetsuit, instruction and guidance to show you the beauty of Tuscany like you’ve never seen it before -- from the unique perspective only stand up paddling can bring. Participants must be able to swim, wear a sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from sun. The activities will be organized according to the level and ability of the participants, in order to find the climatic and environmental conditions that will ensure safe fun and encourage learning easy and fast.  Toscanasup.org  makes use of skilled professionals with multidisciplinary skills also to ensure the safe practice of SUP and the progress in a manner commensurate with the preparation of the participants, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents and effects detrimental to the health of the participants.  

About Toscanasup.org: 

Toscanasup is a SUP organization based in Florence, we operate since 2012 in the whole region in sea, rivers, lakes, in waves, flat waters and wildwaters. Toscanasup is a SUP school registered to the ISA (International Surfing Association).


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Toscanasup.org  makes use of skilled professionals with multidisciplinary skills also to ensure the safe practice of SUP. All our guides are professional SUP coaches with lifeguard and sup coach license.